cool one’s 건마 tired body

Are there any office workers who are not turtle neck or straight neck?

I didn’t know my posture was that bad.

He’s more than the same-weight employee.

He’s shorter. He looks shorter.

The proportions are so messed up…

People around me asked me why I had to pull my neck out like this.

My turtle neck was too straight.
I feel stiff for a long time even when I stay still.

When I asked people around me, I thought I’d get a massage from time to time.

It’s supposed to help your turtle neck.

You work near Yongsan, so you’re at Yongsan Massage, right?

Yongsan Massage Famous Place? You can search.

I asked my co-workers.

I was recommended a famous place at Yongsan Massage.

I came to visit Chammulgi Myeongga.
If you make a reservation before visiting the brazier,

It was nice to get it right after work.

Massage is from a trip to Southeast Asia before Corona.

I got it every day. (Tears)

I want to go on a trip as soon as the corona is over.

It’s inside the massage shop.

It was a neat atmosphere that matched the current mood.

I really liked the calm feeling. The color is pretty, too. Haha

The dressing room is neat.

The size of the clothes is also small/medium/large.

It was so nice to wear a gown to fit my size!

I washed my feet with a cup of tea before the massage.

Foot bath Lulu Lala~

When no one else is watching,

He even tapped his foot in the water.

Mm. Smell.

Waiting for a massage over tea.

It felt like I went to Southeast Asia, the home of the massage.

You’re pressing down on my shoulders.

I’m not sick. 건마 I’m so cool.

As a child, adults soak themselves in hot water.

“Oh, it’s cool.” I didn’t get it.

Right now, in the bathhouse, in the hot tub.

“Cheongsan~” is so popular.

Like an old man.

I’m old now

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