Hotel Swedish Care Review

The wrinkles that stretch out every time you look in the mirror.

I’m about to be in my mid-thirties by the end of the year.

I felt deeper and more stretched.

When I was younger than I am now,

Just washing, applying, and caring.

I felt like it was enough, but now…

I thought that was not enough.

I’d like to get some help from a skin specialist, but…

It’s not easy to lose time, and at the same time,

I just wanted to take care of myself at home.

To make your face line elastic.

I found a facial massager.

First, go into the back care with your face down.

Cover with a big towel and stretch it from tiptoe to back of your neck before you get a sweatshirtight.
You asked me how much I prefer to take when I say “gang,” middle, and medicine.

I answered that I was in the middle of it, but I think I felt a little more painful because my calf, which has a lot of muscles, or the back of my neck, and my trapezius muscles were so bad.

The legs are rear, fold and meticulously to the outer legs.

I felt relaxed when I washed my whole body with oil that got warm because of body temperature, and I thought it was healing.

It is a good care for healing when you want to rest comfortably because you have a lot of stress.

I know it’s not always good to get a hard one.

What I’ve been using lately is…

It’s not just physical scrubbing.

Using an irregular 스웨디시 microcurrent system,

It stimulates the muscles and sets the face line.

This is NutriCare’s MD planner E5.

I hope it helps with facelift.

NutriCare MD planner E5

At first, it’s called a microcurrent.

I was afraid it would sting.

But when I actually used it, it didn’t sound too soft.

It wasn’t irritating, and at the same time, it turned on RED LEDs

Close-up, activate the skin cells.

You helped me recover from the damage in many ways.

have been highly utilized

When the back is over, lie down and take full care of yourself.

You have a sense of covering your eyes so that you don’t blush.

Take care of the lower body after abdominal care from the shoulder to near the ribs.

And releasing the scalp!

After taking a refreshing shower and changing clothes, prepare a cup of warm tea.

I heard there was more coffee, iced tea, and something else, but I was hooked on warm buckwheat tea.

It’s better to drink warm tea with a relaxed body.

The interior of the shop was very bright and sensuous. The marble table and colorful chairs are impressive. I heard that a lot of young people visit because it’s modern and clean. There was a preconceived notion that Ansan Sleepable Massage Shop is mostly dark and has bad facilities, but after I came here, I stopped thinking about it.

I just wanted to lie on the couch.

I just got up, saying I should go home quickly and wash my feet and lie down.

A review from the luxurious Seomyeon Inzai of Hotel Sweetsy!

It’s likely to be inside a hotel or department store.

Recommended when you want to heal under full stress.

It’s a good place to go on a date in Seomyeon for couple care.

There was also a big flowerpot that caught the eye. It goes so well with the shop. I think the owner has a good interior.

I consulted with the Ansan shop manager before receiving treatment. I checked in advance where I felt uncomfortable or where I wanted to get intensive care. As I said before, I checked my shoulders and waist and I tickled my thighs and calves well. I had to check the intensity, but I decided to take it weakly because I didn’t get the kind of sports massage or the type massage that I normally get the pressure strongly.

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