You can make your muscles flexible.

Hello, this is her skincare office in Daeyeon-dong, Busan.

It’s the third week of May. What’s wrong with the weather?

It’s so chilly that I’m wondering if I should get the electric stove back out.

It’s been windy, but the weather has returned to normal for a few days ago.

Suddenly, when the temperature difference is so severe, I get sick.

I feel stiff enough to think, “Do you have a cold?”

This time, we’re going to be able to get rid of the stiffness of the body, the body.

I’ll post about the importance of managing my back.

Poor posture, long hours of computer use, smart device use, etc.

If you stay in one position for a long time, the blood won’t move evenly.

As a result, the muscles that require a lot of blood hardens and hardens.

That’s why the pain in the back muscles, the lumps,

I know a lot about it.

Another important cause is stress.

Modern people always live under stress for many reasons.

Stress stiffens the body and stiffens the muscles.

Stress is first recognized by the back through the nerves.

Therefore, when stressed out, back pain and muscle clumping symptoms appear.

Our body’s immunity can be largely divided into two kinds of inner immunity and nerve immunity.

1 Immunity – in the body, gastrointestinal, food, eating habits

2 Neuroimmunity – 상동역 건마 is at the back of the body, autonomic nervous system, muscle, motor therapy

In other words, the inner immunity is in the digestive system, and the nerve immunity is in the back.

The most important organs in the body are caused by spinal nerves in the back.

Give orders to each part.

Yes) Open your eyes, move your tongue, move your bowels, move your stomach.

When the muscles around the nerves become stiff due to stress, the command signals are stopped.

This causes problems for each failing body organ.

e.g.) Eyes dry; eyes dry; saliva dry; stomach doesn’t move well;

The bowels aren’t moving very well.

To improve bowel activity, straighten your back and make your muscles flexible.

You can see the effects of indigestion by relieving your back.

A person with straight back is a healthy person.

This is because the signal is being transmitted properly.

The back should be flexible and strong.

“When I’m stressed or feeling chronic fatigue,

First, let’s make our backs flexible.”

Skin Care Office in Daeyeon-dong, Busan, with good back care

Take care of your health in her management office.

Progress of back management

Back aroma massage ▶ neck + scalp acupressure ▶ Stone massage ▶ Fluid and massage

It’s 100% manual. Care time is 60 minutes.

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