I felt like my body was melting.

Winter is coming, so I’m nervous all over.

Maybe it’s because I crouch. My whole body feels stiff.

It’s not just me, it’s not just my partner.

I had a call a few days ago.He can’t move his neck.

We need healing!

It’s the end of the year, but I can’t travel anywhere.

I can’t go on a date.

I’ve booked you for a healing.

Gangnam Massage Shop Natural Tie’s Apgujeong branch!

We’re having an early bird event.

Cheaper from 10:00 to 17:00

I got a discount because I was doing an event!

The Naturalist group

It brings beauty and health beauty together.

Five Sensations Satisfaction Service with Thai Massage

It’s a brand we’re trying to offer!

Last time, I had it taken care of at another branch.

I was so satisfied with the naturalist wave.

Because of the reliability.

Looking up Gangnam 인계동 건마 Massage Shop

I saw the naturalistas near Garosu-gil.

I made a reservation!

Arrived at the top of Gangnam Massage Shop Natural tie wave Apgujeong branch.

When I walked in, it suddenly popped into Thailand.

It’s like a teleportation:)

with a nice fragrance and subtle lighting.

to the statue of Buddha

Oh… sometime again without a mask.

Should I walk around Bangkok freely?

I miss you.

It’s a shop visited by so many celebrities!

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of therapy

Maybe it’s because it’s a famous shop for its good skills.

There were a lot of famous stars and athletes’ signatures.

Besides, the price isn’t too high.

A shop where you can get high quality care.

It’s a popular shop.

It starts in 2008.

Yeoksam Main Branch, Apgujeong Branch, Yeongdeungpo, Nonhyeon Branch, etc.

well-known enough to create many branches

It’s a famous spa brand.

on one wall

It had the philosophy of Natural Tympah:)

without resorting to machines

using only human touch

High-touch tech.

A shop that insists on traditional Thai care philosophy.

All products used in tie-care,

It’s not chemical, it’s natural herbs.

He insisted on natural ingredients such as medicinal herbs and essential oils.

I’m using it.

The sound of nature, the meditation that helps to relax the mind and body,

You can rest in a fresh and pleasant official residence.

It’s a shop that creates the environment.

Naturalist Apgujeong Ridge

I felt this while I was using it.

The philosophy of the Naturalist faction is well known.

That’s the shop you’re guarding.

used in natural ties

Natural products are natural organic brands.

The Kaokotalif product is…

You can buy it at the store.

You can buy it online.

He told me:)

If you’re looking for organic products,

She came to get a massage and bought a lot.

They say it’s popular!

These days, Corona’s been making a fuss everywhere.

Actually, I’m afraid I’m going to let it go.

The Natural Thai branch has been working on it.

Every morning and evening, thoroughly disinfected.

I’m taking care of it, so I’m here with confidence.

Disinfection certificates are also in the store.

It’s a video clip that disinfects you every day.

I was relieved to be up there.

I was escorted into the fitting room.

In the dressing room, in the bathroom, in the shower, in the powder room.

It was convenient because it was all together!

After changing into disposable underwear,

I’m ready to be taken care of in the middle!

And suddenly, without any preparation, you’re not ready.

for comfortable management and use

It’s a shop where I can feel you’ve been careful attention.

toothbrush toothpaste to cleansing products

It’s meticulously equipped with basic cosmetics.

Even if you take a shower after you’ve been taken care of,

Cleansing off makeup and even basic products.

I can use it all.

I feel this every time I go to a spa.

The small difference is, as far as I remember,

It left a lot to me.

This kind of careful consideration.

It’s touching.

I came out and took a foot bath.

Why is it so cold? It was so cold.

Put your feet in warm water first.

I felt like my body was melting.

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