Massage the soles of your feet

under the armpit of one’s forefeet
Rub her belly and butt.

Lie the cat on its left or right side and massage it slowly three times, as if drawing a circle from the armpit of the front foot to the belly and hips. Let the cat lie on the other side and do the same about three times. The stomach and hips are sensitive parts of the cat, so if the cat shows signs of dislike in the middle of the course, it can be soothed by gently stroking the cat’s favorite neck or face, and then back to the course. But if you show signs of dislike, let’s not force it.

From the bottom of the ear to the position of the ear
Lightly depressurize.

First, turn the cat in a prone position and hold it lightly from the bottom to the end of the ear and pull it or apply acupressure three times. It also gently rubs the inner part of the ear through the furry part of the ear, while gently grooming the inner part of the ear. Then massage the other ear the same way. However, avoid areas too deep in your ears when you massage your ears. Massaging the back end of a cat’s ear is said to be effective in eye disease or blood circulation around the eyes.

with the spine between the neck and the neck.
Sweep gently.

Lie the cat down comfortably, then pull both sides lightly from the neck five times with the spine between them. At this time, it is better to gently apply acupressure to the tail joint. Like humans, cats’ vertebrae have passageways through which nerves pass, so it is better to massage the vertebrae of cats from time to time. Spinal massage is effective for heart vitality and disease, and helps prevent gastrointestinal diseases, diarrhea, vomiting, poor appetite, indigestion, and constipation. Also, touching the 건마 centerline of the waist is effective for kidney, back pain, and urination.

Massage the cat’s paw
Cat’s sole needs periodic care because it has various roles. It is also a place where a lot of nerves are concentrated, so it is effective when massaged. Massage slightly using the thumb and index finger of the soles of the feet. Be careful not to cause too much irritation. It is recommended to rub from outside to inside like drawing a circle with your thumb. Cat’s foot massage helps with lymph circulation and blood circulation. In addition, there are effects such as relieving stress, relieving anxiety, and relieving foot numbness.

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