Each massage lasts 7 minutes.

If stressed and improperly slept at night, the skull massage robot could be the first robot to successfully clone a certain classic finger massage.

We’ve all done it one day and now we’ve discovered this. When we were nervous or unable to sleep, we massaged our own temples with our own fingers and saw an immediate decrease. Lerou will be the first massage software to simulate this kind of cranial finger massage.

Massage finds additional head or eye massage, but usually puts pressure on the temples. Massage does not often have a ripple effect when you rub your hands.

With four years of growth, Lerou is definitely a new skull massage robot, which has the form of a robot hand and finger that massages in a way that is related to the way the fingers of the hand normally perform. You can see how it works in this particular video.

This particular massage machine consists of adjustable ring types that can be placed on the mind. The idea of a diamond ring is expandable, so it doesn’t bother or fall, but fits all kinds of mind circumference.

Two robot fingers are inserted in a corner related to temples or vision, providing a great circular massage that is very similar to those performed with these hands and fingers.

Using this gadget, we all reduce anxiety and 부천 스웨디시 stress, relax, and help you sleep. They are often very similar advantages to some kind of traditional rubbing.

Walk through streets typically associated with Pompeii, investigate burial sites in Nepertari, float around the International Place Train Station, or watch new videos on a 350-inch video screen. It’s usually easy to do on a chair you love. Thank you, generally, for the magic of Virtuelle wirklichkit.

Certain pressure elements are made of very soft silicon and are approved by the FDA, a national regulator. It is not necessarily contracted or injured during rubbing.

The Lerou is battery powered and provides 3 hours of autonomy. Massage is designed to be carried anywhere in the office or on an experienced journey to cope with jet lag.

It can be used while working, cooking, watching, or studying. Each massage lasts 7 minutes.

Lerou, an automatic skull massage robot, sells for a good price of 152 euros through Indiegogo.

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