It was a time when I received Ilsan massage and my mind and body were relaxed.

The weather has been cold lately.

Didn’t you get dazed by the snow yesterday?

I don’t even get to go out very often.

But this week, in the freezing cold,

My body became stiff and tired without even realizing it.

So I’m going to spend my healing time with myself.

I’ve been thinking about what to do for a long time.

And then I decided to get a Ilsan massage!

slowly for the first time in a while

In the house where I was walking and sitting still,

I was so happy to be out.^^

You might wonder why I’m suddenly getting a massage.

I started to study new things recently.

I’ve spent more time sitting around.

It’s like everything’s gonna hurt in the waist.

And when you wake up, you hear the sound of your own pain.

I’m gonna be here. I’m gonna be like this.

I thought I’d take care of myself and rest.

The bright hand body and skin that I visited.

My sister used to go to a restaurant, so I used to come with her.

It’s probably the most famous 일산 건마 place around here.

As its name suggests, your whole body, your skin, your body shape.

You can get care all at once.

I think I should be that good, right? This is

The director and the management staff have been working on it’s been 10 years.

There’s only more than one veteran, so I’m not going to be a celebrity

It’s a massage restaurant that even dance students often visit.

It’s my favorite hideout.

For your information, pre-contact is mandatory because it’s a reservation system!

I’ll choose what kind of service I’m going to get.

You can go to the dressing room and change.

In a dressing room that’s not very small.

I need a change of clothes and a wash.

It was comfortable because all the supplies were ready.

Every time I come here, it’s new, but clean. It’s clean.

What I feel is that every single time I do it,

I mean, you’re doing it, but you do it every time.

I feel relieved whenever I see him.

The price is big on the desk.

You don’t have to ask.

He’s the nicest guy in Ilsan.

It’s good to get a lot of things at once, but at the massage,

Expensive sports are relatively different from other sports.

It has the advantage of being less financially burdensome.

It’s my favorite course.

The inside of the shop looks like this.

The old Ilsan Massage that people think of.

It’s quite different from the image, right?

Honestly, when I first came here, I felt comfortable inside.

I was surprised by the interior design.

It may seem a little biased, but to some extent,

Where there’s a model year, it’s more like a new one.

The image of the facility being so underdeveloped

I think that’s what I thought because it’s strong.

First, I’m going to move to take my feet.

Cypress? Anyway, it’s made of wood.

I really liked the foot bath space.

It’s such a time that I’ve been working at home.

It’s hard to get blood circulation and it’s pouring.

I’ve had a hard time for a while because it feels like it.

I thought I’d take it easy here.

I sat looking forward to it.Haha

If you don’t warm up for a while, you’ll keep on…

Just because it hardens, I’m gonna let it go as often as I can.

I’m trying to.

I’m starting to get maintenance with my car.

Maybe it’s because they’re veterans.

It was an art itself!

You’ve been pressing it so hard since then.

My body is starting to melt.

But the true Ilsan massage…

It felt different.

He’s doing it himself.

Untie every nook and cranny thoroughly.

The massage machine in the house is what I want.

I don’t know if you’re going to do it out of the way.

I’m going to take care of it until I can’t reach it.

I was sad because there were a lot of times I couldn’t do it.

And that’s why you’re doing it yourself.

I think I prefer doing things for others.

Later on, there were various rooms.

Couple room, family room, private room, etc.

I could get some extra skin care.

It’s perfect for a date or a healing place.

Especially in these days, where do you want to go?

It’s uncomfortable and uncomfortable to walk around, isn’t it?

It’s cold outside, so you can go out on dates.

And when you’re having a hard time, you should get a massage.

I think it’s my job.

I’ve been given a lot of service here.

I like it, so I’ll be with my boyfriend later.

I’m making plans to come.

You do skin, you massage, you do sports.

Even professional fields like pelvic flexibility.

You’re working with me, so I’m going to tell you about your skills

It was reliable and reliable.

the literal omission of the introduction

I was relieved that you took care of me without any care.

It’s common to focus on one thing.

This broad and professional service.

There’s rarely a place to receive it, so it’s just my own.

I felt like I found a hideout.

I want you to squeeze the whole thing.

And then I want you to focus on the rest.

You’re asking me where I am.

I told you about my shoulders and waist.

I mean, if you work in an office, uh,

My mitral muscles and neck muscles are sore and sore.

That’s why I was more focused on you.

I’m sure he’s sitting down and in good posture.

Maybe it’s because I couldn’t do it, but it hurt a lot.

But as time goes by, it’s slowly becoming more and more.

As my muscles relax, I feel refreshed.

It was a skill that I really wanted to go there often.

It’s been a while since I had this cool massage.

I feel good. I feel relieved of my fatigue. And the efficiency of work.

It goes up a lot, so it’s literally three birds with one stone!Haha

Even considering various aspects, the cost-effectiveness is good.

This is the only place with skills.

Thanks to you, it’s my favorite place these days.

These days, the atmosphere has gotten worse than before,

Where and what are you doing at the end of the year?

I’ve been wondering if I should send him away, but this year,

I’m thinking of spending time here.

He’s clean, he’s clean, he’s clean.

I can relax because I’m doing it.

I got a Ilsan massage, my mind and body.

It was a relaxing time.

I’m already getting it again next week.

I made a reservation in advance.

I hope you get a proper healing time!

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