Touching massage recommendations

It’s the winter season, so my body keeps shrinking, so I think I’m getting a lot of energy and nervous. I’m going to go get Gwangju Swedish with my friend this time. I heard that there’s something called a smooth swaddish that’s It’s my first time, so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get it, so I decided to get it with this.

If you make a reservation in advance the day before, you can get a free time, so I made a reservation in advance. You kindly informed me on the phone, so I was 스웨디시 able to go without any burden. The situation is good, so you can make a reservation for the day, but I think it would be better to make a reservation freely.

When I went in, they recommended hand disinfection first, checked the heat, and checked the reservation. I heard hygiene and prevention are the most important things now.

There’s not enough space at the shop, so I heard you have to keep it. I was relieved that you followed the basics thoroughly. These days, it’s kind of bothering me. And when I saw the staff wearing a mask, I felt more confident.

I made a reservation in advance, so it wasn’t bothersome and I told you about the course I wanted, so he took me to my room right after I stored my shoes! I was relieved that the shoe rack was personal and it had a key.

The atmosphere was really nice when I went in. I can see the phrase “add more emotion.” I think it’s going to be different. And since the color is a ton down color, I felt comfortable and relaxed at the same time. I think it’s a very sensible part.

The atmosphere was very emotional, so I went in thinking that if I take a picture of this light, it’ll come out really well. There’s a reason why you’re so popular with your interior and lighting! I think it’s a good place to take it quietly and comfortably.

After a brief consultation, I could change into comfortable clothes. Everything is in the room, so there’s no reason to wear it, but I was kind enough to show each guest around. I’ve become really kind and comfortable.

The changing room is also made of a personal locker, so it’s good to store clothes and the changing room clothes are clean, so I quickly changed and left. Since it’s a place to change clothes, I tend to see the cleaning conditions, but it was really clean even though it was a place where many people visited. And it was convenient and comfortable enough to keep personal items well.

I was waiting after changing my clothes, and an employee came and guided me! The lighting in this room is one ton lower and the temperature is reasonable, so it was really nice. It was a one-person room system for each of us. I didn’t mean to, but I thought it was perfect for the current situation. I think it’ll be good for people who come alone

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