You can also get a lower interest rate.

Unemployed government-funded loans are government-funded loans for those in need of living expenses, as unemployed people with difficulty in proving their income are difficult to proceed with loans. There are a lot of people who are having a hard time living due to the recession these days. These people have high limits, low interest rates, and long repayment periods, so you can use them without burden, so please check the interest rate on unemployed government loans according to your current situation.

Unemployed Government-backed Loans – Type
The most frequently used government-funded loan for unemployed people is Haetalon17, and if you want a higher limit, you have a Haetalon17 special guarantee. A representative example is the Sunshine Youth, which is good for graduate students, unemployed young people, and young people in society. It is better to check the qualification conditions, limits, and interest rates respectively and choose the product that is most advantageous to you. Also, for those who need emergency loans, please refer to the unemployed emergency loans that you can easily receive on your mobile.

Unemployed Government-backed Loans – Sunshine 17
Sunshine 17 is the most representative financial product supported by the government, and it is not difficult to qualify, so you can borrow up to 7 million won if you use it according to the situation. The loan period is three years, but it can be extended for up to five years and is carried out by equal installment repayment of principal and interest. If you make a prepayment, there is no special prepayment fee.

Unemployed Government-backed Loan – Special Guarantee for Sunshine 17
The basic requirement of the special guarantee for Haetalon 17 is the same as that of Haetalon 17, but it is suitable for those who need a higher limit and can be used up to 14 million won. The collection bank can be carried out at 13 commercial banks nationwide.

Interest rates vary depending on individual credit and history of repayment, and you can receive preferential rates depending 비대면 폰테크 on the loan period every month. The application method is to bring the application documents and visit the Financial Integration Support Center for the working class to have a detailed examination at the dedicated counseling center, and to obtain a guarantee if the qualification conditions are met. You can proceed after getting the warranty issued and visiting the handling bank.

Unemployed Government-backed Loans – Hatsalon 17 Youths
Sunshine Youth is a product for college students, job seekers, and unemployed young people who are in financial difficulties, and you can borrow up to 12 million won depending on the period and use interest rates cheaply. It was previously operated under the name of Youth Sunshine Loan for the same purpose, but it was suspended in January 19 due to financial depletion. The government confirmed the 15 billion won fund and re-launched it as a Haetalon Youth in January 2020. If you need living expenses funds and it is difficult to borrow from the 1st or 2nd financial sectors, it would be good to check the qualifications.

For those who want to use it for general living expenses, you can apply for up to 3 million won per time without needing proof. If you need additional funds, you can reapply for up to 12 million won every 6 streams. The interest rate is set at a minimum of 3.6 percent per year and is applied differently depending on the applicant and the period of limit.

Unemployed Government-backed Loans – Credit Rating Increase
Increasing the credit period without overdue payments is the most important way to increase the approval rate. All loans are in order, so even in the same case, the difference in credit ratings is large, so people can get lower interest rates if they use the government support system, unemployed loans, unsecured assets, insurance loans, auto loans and credit cardholder loans.

Products that can be processed without income have small services provided by Internet banks themselves. These are services released under the name of emergency fund, and you can find them on applications such as Kakao Bank, Finch, Payco, and Toss.

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