It takes a lot of time, but if you print it out like this, you can print it out according to the color you want!

Hello! This is an earning tent!

Today’s photo is in Bukchon-dong.

This is a photo of me installing a live-action recording sign.It’s an earning sign, but it’s not the color of a regular earning fabric.This is a normal white fabric.

It’s a fabric made by actually printing the whole thing!It’s harder and more time to work with silk printing.

It takes a lot of time, but if I do this, I’ll do whatever color I want.

You can print out whatever you want!
That’s a very nice and pretty earning sign!Due diligence output earning sign in Bukchon-dong

I’ve set it up nicely!Gyeonggi Province

Retractable annealing of annealing signboards, tent, jabara tent, sky-earning, signage, etc.

It’s an anning construction.

Foldable annealing has been installed in the city’s rural housing complex.

Jewon used imported acrylic fabric with 3300*2500 manual annealing.

Please feel free to contact the Earnings tent for everything!

This is Honda Odyssey with Wingba Evoset and I Campus Sky Camp Brown Check.

It’s a spacious rooftop tent for four people.

The expansion type is simple to use, so anyone can use it easily.

You can buy various accessories such as 스카이어닝 Earnings, Anex, Kitchen Table, etc. separately.

It’s good to use with Solcam or your family.

It is free to wear when you visit.

Blind Factory / Free Survey / Free Counseling

Wood / Roll / Combi / Curtain / Electric

Earnings / Skyning / ZIP Screen

Exterior Shading / Interior Shading

I’m confident to make you a blind factory specializing in shades.

I’m sure because it’s a factory.

Free consultation/free survey

Free of charge for 1 year of A/S / Joint purchase and bulk order of construction apartments nationwide can be made.

Delivery is available.~
Your current post is a photo taken by yourself.

Please do not copy and steal.

Hello, I’m Blind.~

Today’s the Blind Voice Detached House.

I’m here to talk about construction.

He only wanted the wood blinds.

Slat color is WPP-115 Rich Mocha

Similar to the interior of the house, they unified it into a wooden color.

If you look at the picture above,

Before and after adjusting the shades.

Can you see the difference between before and after the adjustment?

This is a picture of the studio.Click on the photo to connect to

This is a picture of kitchen construction.

A little less than completely adjusting the shades.

It looks like a subtle light coming in makes it look like there’s more.This is a picture of the construction of a small room.

The color of Woodblind Wood and the color of the wall are similar to the color of the wall.

I’ve constructed it for you, but I think it’s been upgraded.

This is a picture of the construction of the master bedroom.

The light comes in and makes the master bedroom shine more.

The curtains are nice, but I recommend Woodblind. Click on the photo to connect to Lastly, I installed it in the window of the living room in the big living room.

Since the window was big, you could see your privacy, so you wanted it in the living room.

The living room is also woodblind WPP-115 Rich Mocha.

This woodblind is a popular product.~

I usually go to cafes and so on.

That’s all for today’s photos.~

Everyone’s having a hard time with Corona 19, right?

You’ll have to overcome it in a short time and wake up. Everyone, cheer up!

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