After healing time, he brought me a cup of red tea.

There’s a lot of shoulder muscles

Sitting in front of a computer these days makes your shoulder muscles worse, your body hurts and wrinkles.

So I decided to make amends for a long time.

I looked up and found a good place to massage cod near my house

I get out of the elevator and see the treatment immediately.

Known as a good masseuse, this place has a good place.

It was a place where I was more excited because my boss was famous in Seoul

When you open the door and go in, there is a shoebox on the left.

put on shoes there

It kept the interior and everything neat.

It will be perfect to heal with 수원건마 quiet music

The large air purifier kept the indoor air fresh and stable

The type and price of management are small, but it is gold and poor.

It’s a massage company that made you think it was a very quality place overall

It was good to have personal care because it was a private room

I came home and figured out what this meant, like a star, like a star.

Every room had a pretty name on it

It was a massage using essential oils, so the bed was covered in plastic.

The treatment was good to get a massage in each room.

It was good to have showers in each room, not in the same public shower room as elsewhere.

I didn’t take anything and I prepared everything for a shower like this.

The house was nearby, so I did not use the shower room here and took a shower in advance at home.

After getting a massage, I returned home without showering to absorb more bodies.

I arrived earlier than the reservation time and went into the room and waited for a cup of tea.

Already, the body seems to be healing with mood music and a cup of warm tea.

We were using the expensive Hohoba oil, which is closest to human skin, as the basic oil.

And there’s also essential oils that I liked to be able to choose what I wanted.

The room had the performance of essential oils, so there was no difficulty in choosing oil.

I went to take care of myself without a sigh.

I couldn’t sleep well because of insomnia, but I couldn’t sleep during the day.

So you choose lavender oil

The disposable panties used in the treatment were different from elsewhere.

less perplexing

She is a bit maladjusted every time she gets a massage.

I was dressed and drank warm tea so the manager came in.

He was so kind and kind that I could get a massage comfortably.

Where they are clustering, where they are uncomfortable, whether pressure is appropriate, etc.

He looks at the large surgical scar on my back and asks if it is screwed into my waist.

That made me very weak.

I got a soft scent massage.

I usually get a scent massage but under strong pressure.

He asked if the pressure was appropriate but did not say to make it stronger.

I took it as comfortably as you said that the manager’s technical skills would be.

I was closing my eyes without knowing the soft massage

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