What does it mean for apartment credit?

The direction of the purpose of speculation rather than just residential space is to expand various regulatory areas, to strengthen additional tax measures, gap investment and LTV standards to curb demand, and to affect the ordinary people who are planning to build my house as a way of leading to social conflicts. However, I would like to solve the question because there is a physical collateral that is not recorded on the register and an apartment credit loan with a different concept.
Often, collateral defines the causal relationship between the object and the bond, but since apartment credit is separate from the dependency of the real estate, the purpose of moving later is to make financial transactions based solely on the value and creditworthiness of the object. That is, it is evaluated as the value of the apartment and the individual’s CB (outside), CSS (inside) grades and existing wealth.
It is common to be caused by low-meaning slowness unless it is a good grade 1 or 2 area due to the contradiction with collateral. The advantage is that the apartment is subject to a short short term of 5 years on average, even if the apartment is not a job due to income, including a single, villa and multi-generation,
Based on Seoul, Gyeonggi, 5 metropolitan cities and 16 regions, it is necessary to search for more than 7,000 in real transactions at KB and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and 폰테크 Transport. It is a basic apartment credit loan condition. The co-ownership couple also recognizes the name of the spouse, and the apartment can be confirmed without notifying the landlord while qualifying as a tenant if the deposit is maintained for more than 5,000 in rent, rent and lease.
In recent years, the scope has been expanded, but the previous three months have been transferred to the registration, but it can be reported only one day after the transfer is made. Even before the name, the pre-sale rights and the date of sale can be secured after receiving the security.
In fact, the form of real estate is important, but the requirement to calculate the limit is a point to check before the rate of grade and debt is accessed. Before selecting a financial company, NICE and KCB have a negative history such as delinquency, and SP can be limited by sharing.
If it is considered that the reasons for not having such ineligible factors are considered to be the first, and if the financial company is decided by comparing them with the provisional trillion won, the owner should immediately stop the copy if the resident sends the contract with the fixed date and then sends the document according to the process of proceeding the day.
Most of impersonation and fraud are called bank or government support, and it is not misleading to advertise against low-credit people who are economically difficult, and it is not misleading as it is more active because it is not a face-to-face. If it is normal, it is not necessary to recommend to an unspecified number.

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