The new Starbucks menu, the chamomile relaxer.

Let’s go to Ulsan Costco!

Ulsan Costco, unlike other marts,

The second and fourth Sundays are not closed.

Second Wednesday and fourth Sunday are closed!

But we forgot our Costco membership card.

I didn’t bring it. What is it?

It’s too late to go back.

There’s a way in that case!

I’ll go to the membership guide.

I’ll show you my ID.

Costco temporary membership.

I can get it issued.^^

Make sure you get the ID of the person with the membership!

We have to take it!

Costco membership is…

Goldstar, Business, I’m a member of IGOT7

It’s divided!

When you renew your Costco membership,

Shopping bags or hot dog sets, Americano exchange tickets,

We’ll give it to you!

This month’s new product announcement!

There’s a new chicken in Costco Food Court!

But our pick is always bulgogi bake ❤👍🏻

Costco brand name is really diverse, right?

Costco Prada, Ferragamo, Fendi,

Burberry, Gucci, Etro, etc.

There are bags of various luxury brands!

Luxury sportswear brand


Last time, during the Hyundai Seoul Open,

I posted something I visited.

On my last visit,

out of time

I didn’t get to shop for my clothes.

I’m here to buy mine this time.^^

The Lululemon sportswear…

It’s made of so good.

More than wearing but not wearing.

Should I say it’s comfortable?

The new pants the entrance mannequin is wearing.

It’s so catchy!

There are many kinds of accessories.

These days, it’s like this.

It’s a simple carry-on.

I can see cute bags.

Something that you can use to work out.

There are many kinds of headbands.

The dressing room is really luxurious.

I’m ready.

I have two crop tops,

Pick up a pair of jogger pants.

I’m in the fitting room.

Jogger pants are popular these days.

I have a lot of tight pants.

It’s not circulating.

I prefer comfortable pants like this these days.

The weather is getting warmer.

Rather than dark colors

Pick a bright color!

The teacher who went with me

He recommended that I look good on him.

This is Lulu Lemon Hot Pink Crop Top.

The material is not to mention soft.

It’s too fast.

The captain is perfect for me.

With a pink crop top,

Jogger pants, and…

I bought a small pink bag.

It’s a cell phone-input a cell 레플리카 phone.

I needed a casual mini bag.

Crop pants and bags.

I’ll post it separately.

Prada leather Boston bag. What a waste!

Costco luxury goods don’t just have bags.

Watches, purses, sunglasses, everything.

Oh, by the way, among Costco shopping lists, I recommend this!

It’s this big galbi soup! It’s really good!

And the new Starbucks menu, the chamomile relaxer.

If there’s anyone who enjoyed it.

Costco chamomile relaxation is recommended!

It’s a concentrate. You can just drink it in water.

With Starbucks chamomile relexer.

It just tastes exactly the same!

I really recommend it!

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