The scene where Cho Do-chul, a sexual offender, appears in the world first.

Hey, knight, do you know who I am? I’m on my way to kill all the people who made me do this.

In the first episode, there will be a scene where Cho Do-cheol, a sexual offender, will appear in the world.
You still don’t think of your fault, and you don’t! The image of a criminal who hasn’t been rehabilitated.
But on this day, this sexual offender gets into a model taxi.
You can’t go where you want to go and get kidnapped.
The taxi driver who kidnapped him, Doggy, is currently working.
On the surface, it’s a normal taxi company rainbow luck!
Don’t worry. He’s just a patient jerk.

Meanwhile, Sung Chul, the representative of the Bluebird Foundation, is the representative of Rainbow Transportation and helping victims of crime.
Sungchul will be in charge of helping the Bluebird Foundation.
You hear you’ve already picked someone.
I’ll take charge of Cho Do-chul’s case. She said she’s missing.

The person in charge is also well-known in the prosecution for being buried in persistent work.
I’m a prosecutor.
If it’s to arrest bad guys, he’s gonna live where he is.
It’s a very, very patient test.
Where are you going now?
To get back at him.

On the other hand, you will get a call from a model taxi.
A woman who was injured and went to the emergency room ran away and was about to fall into the Han River.
He contacted me after seeing the contact number of the model taxi.

And the potter who got the call, he pulled the model taxi out…
I ask if you can tell me what happened to the woman.
That’s how the story of the woman comes out.
He was a self-reliant man named Kang Maria!
I got presents from my little brothers who I used to spend time with at the nursery.
I thought I’d have a happy social life.
Nothing but the place she went to was a place where she worked with the disabled people.
It’s a factory that’s been packed with food companies.
Maria, who can’t do this job, is the president of the company!
He started using violence on the first day.
Shall we go get revenge with the model taxi?

After riding in a model taxi like that, she chooses revenge.
The Rainbow Transportation model taxi members who were asked to choose whether to proceed with the request or not.
Everyone decides to proceed and begins to replace Maria’s revenge.
And the criminal Cho Do-chul, who was kidnapped at the time,
It was handed over to Chairman Baek, the fearsome godmother.
After taking a taxi and getting ready, the pottery is now moving to Maria’s factory.
Should Maria even be the manager who works under the president in the factory?
I was raped by him.
Eventually, Maria, who couldn’t run away from here, tried to kill herself.

He later bullied Maria and other employees and forced them to exploit the labor force.
Let’s start taking revenge on the company president and the manager.

Meanwhile, Hana has been watching the video clip of a model taxi that kidnapped Cho Do-chul.
But one of them, after passing the tunnel, compared the taxi before.
You find the difference between the two cars.

I guess one of them is starting to dig into that taxi!
Pottery’s attempt to strike the ones that made Maria suffer.
And in the form of Seong-cheol trying to punish Do-chul, who was 토렌트비 handed over to Baek,
First of all, the current appearance of the first episode will be over.
And the scene goes back to the past.
It came out how the pottery met Sung-chul.

There were pottery when a criminal did a field check.
The moment you run towards the criminal, the police protect him,
The police were rather overpowering the pottery.

And Sung-chul was watching from behind.
Don’t you still want revenge?

I think Sungchul, who saw the pottery, looked into it afterwards.
He asked me if I would do revenge with him!

Both Doggy and Sungchul tried to punish criminals.
They have a common memory of being subdued.
I think that’s how they started taking revenge together.

Episodes 1 and 2 are supposed to be revengeful for Maria!
Maybe every episode will consist of stories about clients.

I’m looking forward to hearing about Rainbow Transportation employees working together when the play starts later.
Maybe it’s because he’s 19 years old, but there’s been some violence.
But I didn’t know the time was ticking, so I watched the first episode.

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