I’m already happy to hear that there’s a discount on new products.

One day is long, but a week is fast. Weekdays are already coming to an end, and I’m not sure if you guys finished this week well. ♥ The daily temperature difference is so big these days, so always be careful not to catch a cold and take care of your health. 🙂

Today, I brought you the news of the sale that you’ll love!

It’s the one-style dot-com that has a family sale for about 10 days from April 16th to 27 ♥

Enter the online closed path you can see above, access the entrance verification number, and log in to shop at the Family Sale Benefit.

I’m so happy to share the access route with you information about the sale. ♬

These days, the consumption of luxury goods is very good, but I think it would be a great chance for people who enjoy shopping for luxury brands. 🙂

One-Style Han Style Dot Com Family Sale Overseas Luxury Fashion Luxury Discount Luxury Select Shop Gucci Prada Maison Margiela msgmn21 Tom Brown Off-White Army Women’s Luxury Fashion Men’s Luxury Fashion

Luxury products such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Prada and Maison Margiela, as well as various brands and products from women, men and kids, can be purchased at up to 80% discounted family sale price.

In addition to the brands listed above, a total of 107 brands participated in the 2021 Family Sale! I think this is the part where we need to get in. Jeonyoung is going to go shopping, too.

I see a lot of luxury brands that you can find in the fashion of stars.

Gucci Gucci

IU’s bag is from Gucci, the epitome of classicity.

You wore Gucci’s new bag like Gucci’s muse. ♪

Balenciaga Balenciaga

Hyuna’s sneakers and ball caps are from Balenciaga.

Famous for Ugly Shoes and Ball Cap. I think Balenciaga is one of your favorite luxury brands. Different kinds of Balenciaga sneakers and ball caps often appear in plain clothes.

Prada Prada

The bag popular actor Go Yoon-jung is wearing is Prada. It’s a product.

Many people like Prada Bucket Bags, Shoulder Bags, Tote Bags, etc. are looking for Prada Bags, so I think the family sale will be very popular.

Tom Brown 레플리카 Tom Brown

I brought Jin’s plain clothes from BTS called Human Tom Brown. It’s a neat and classic cardigan that’s good for today’s weather and how about buying a daily item!

That’s not the end. Guys.

They say that you can purchase even new 21 S/S products with additional discounts.

I’m already happy to hear that there’s a discount on new products.♥

There are so many different brands participating, and you and I need to spread rumors about it, and it’s going to be a great shopping experience.

I hope you have a great and happy shopping experience during the family sale for 10 days.

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