Yuna is happy to go to her old neighborhood!

It turns out that the DNA of the person currently in prison was detected together.
Muchi said he couldn’t believe it!
When Barum hears that, he is scared and relieved.
After that, I went to Bongi, who was looking for Yuna.
Baram left a video of him saying good-bye.
I’ll show her a video of Yuna to Bongi.

Yuna is happy to go to her old neighborhood!
Turns out Yuna didn’t want to see her last time.
I hid the bricks to kill Yuna.
Yuna said thank you to Barum first.
Then Baram wanted to kill Yuna.
He was shocked again that he had taken the bricks.
You said you almost killed Yuna, and you had a hard time.
But Daniel told me that he knew he wouldn’t kill him!
On the other hand, Muqi, who went to Hongju to giveaway camera,
You happen to see a black box on your bike in the video inside the camera.
The only thing that made me realize that it was the latest bike black box was the black box.
He’s very embarrassed that he’s been photographed.

But the black box was preempted by Hong-ju.
First of all, I’m relieved.
And this time, we’re going to have a series of murders.
The story of a man who was falsely charged with prison begins.
Bong joined the broadcasting station as a trainee writer with Hongju’s help.
I was looking for an item for Sherlock Hongju!
And that’s what caught my eye. It’s a series of murders of Mercury.
Hongju team starts a full-fledged investigation into the case!
And it was the new guy who was involved in the case!
The father of the new model’s girlfriend,
He was the man who was the suspect in the serial murder of Mercury.
Meanwhile, the wind that moved to find another Predator,
And Daniel, who became a helper.
But at first, I wasn’t interested in it, and then I was getting weird.
Mucci’s starting a separate investigation.
Sherlock Hongju, which begins in the meantime.
A serial murder episode!
Hongju raises suspicions that Bong’s chosen subject has a real culprit.
But the police said that after the broadcast, Hongju’s words were ridiculous.
I’m making an official announcement.
Meanwhile, I heard that Shin Hyung-sa was hosting the wedding.
Bongi told Detective Muchi to celebrate his employment.
I gave you a suit as a gift.

It was a scene where I felt warm in a scary atmosphere!
I’m back to the case.
After the broadcast, I got a call from Hong-ju saying that he would report.
The informant said it was a video that would turn the world upside down.
He said he’d give me a video of Kang Deok-soo’s case.

Hong-ju wants Bong-yi to meet the 토렌트 사이트 informant.
Don’t expect too much because these calls are common!
Meanwhile, the daughter of the man who was falsely accused,
I’m coming to see my father before I get married.
I’m sorry to hear that.
And the guy who tried to tip Bong off,
There’s a situation where you can’t go to the station because there’s an accident.
Was it you?

But when Bong found out he had an accident,
Bong goes straight to the hospital and sneaks through the footage he was trying to hand over to Torrentwal.
And then you see a shocking image of yourself.
I was bored waiting until your release day.

That’s when another Predator was killed.
Barum continues to kill, saying he’s only waiting for his release.
He’s trying to kill the real killer of the planet’s serial killings.

But Muqi, who was rushing to the place at that time!
Can we find that Munchi Barum is killing the real criminal?
Or you’ll only see dead bodies.
It’s amazing how Barum’s behavior is getting more daring.

It’s okay because I don’t think it’s a bad situation that Bong found out early.
I’m so worried that Baram is on a tightrope with a close-knit Muqi in many ways.

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