Be careful not to massage people like this

Recently, low-frequency stimulators that are attached to the neck, shoulders, and waist are gaining popularity. Not only is it small and light for easy use at home, but it also works for more than half a day with battery charging. In addition, the price is cheap. Sales are also on the rise as word of mouth spread on SNS that it is effective.

Low-frequency stimulators, which have recently become popular as massagers, are mostly based on electromuscular stimulation (EMS). EMS sends low-frequency currents to the pad attached to the skin to activate muscle fibers and induce muscle contraction and relaxation. Just as the brain transmits signals to muscles, the electrical stimulation of the device transmits signals directly to the muscles.

Repeated contractions and relaxation of muscles relieve muscle spasms and promote circulation of fluids to release knotted muscles. Acupressure and massage also promote circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid and promote the secretion of substances that suppress pain to release muscles.

Also, as pressure is controlled during massage, EMS stimulates muscles differently according to vibration width, frequency, and waveform. 강남안마 The wider the vibration width, the more gently presses the muscles as if they were massaged with their hands. Also, if you use symmetrical ideal waves in which waves are symmetrical, you will feel like you are beating them in various places. Giving users the feeling and effect of getting a massage using EMS.

When used for a long time in one area, EMS can cause symptoms such as fever, inflammation, swelling, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to use it within 3 times a day for about 20 minutes

There are people who have to avoid using it. Because EMS works with electrical stimulation, heart disease patients are advised not to use it as much as possible. The heart is an organ where electric current flows, and electrical stimulation can affect the heart, especially for a patient with a pacemaker because it can affect the pacemaker. Pregnant women should not use electric current because it can be transmitted to the fetus through the abdomen

In addition, patients with symptoms such as nerve problems or numbness should be careful because their sensory functions are degraded and are more likely not to be aware of symptoms caused by electrical stimulation.

Diabetic patients also have a high risk of burns or skin damage while using them because of the poor function of peripheral sensory nerves. At this time, it is also possible to use it with lower strength, which is less effective.

Low-frequency stimulators play a role in relieving pain, so it is important to identify the disease.

EMS is also helpful in relieving muscle pain, but above all, it is necessary to identify the cause and improve it. Shoulder, neck, and back pain are usually caused by posture. The habit of twisting legs can cause back and pelvis pain. In addition, in the case of office workers, the neck is missing toward the monitor and the waist is often bent back, which can cause chronic neck and back pain.

In some cases, the disease is the cause. If pain continues with the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, neck disc can be suspected. Also, if you have pain in your back and pelvis, you should check for gynecological diseases. As interest in health increases, it ranges from food to devices. Use it appropriately for me, but be careful not to rely too much

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