It was amazing and curious to see it in real life.

My body and mind have been exhausted lately

I felt like healing a lot.

In my case, I’m interested in esthetics

I usually book a massage when I need to refresh myself

I like going to the shop.

Not long ago, I got a good Dongtan massage

It was a very satisfying experience.

I have been to Dongtan massage skincare foot and foot.

A close friend of mine who lives in Dongtan New Town

It’s a place I’m constantly using

It’s the oldest place

I remember saying I was the best

I went to this shop with a lot of expectations.

The service was so good that I loved it in every way

It was a place that even managed to suit my taste.

It’s behind the 119 center near Dongtan Buk Square

The store is located on the third floor of Nonghyup building.

It’s also a shopping mall on the main street

It wasn’t difficult to find it on my first trip.

I went up right away.

I saw a neat and modern entrance.

It was quiet even before I went in

I felt calm and calm myself

I liked it because it wasn’t cluttered.

Not only the whole body program, but also one part of the skin and feet

You can concentrate and get care.

You can choose according to your condition and taste

I thought it would be nice to visit there often.

It’s open from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. the next day

You can use it after work

Overall, it is convenient to use, so I like it.

There’s a parking space

You can use it conveniently even if you bring your car.

There is a separate place for foot bath on one side.

Especially, it’s a place where family and friends visit often

They say it’s quite a lot. We can chat and receive it together

I thought it would be so fun and nice.

The interior is generally pleasant and warm

It was an atmosphere where we could rest comfortably.

The wood-toned interior makes your eyes comfortable

It relieves tension and relaxes.

I saw a lot of luxurious props everywhere.

There are all kinds of cute props and furniture

It was neat because it didn’t stand out and went well together.

It was fun to look around because it suits my taste.

There are rooms all the way along the corridor.

It became calmer because the lights weren’t bright.

I just need to relax and get a Dongtan massage

I got the impression that it was a place where I could concentrate.

In the dressing room to start in earnest

She changed into something comfortable

The lockers are also spacious, so I brought my belongings

I was able to keep the clothes comfortably.

And most of all, the dressing room is clean

I was able to use it without any inconvenience.

There are clothes to change on one side of the locker.

It’s prepared in detail by size

You can choose according to each size.

You should be comfortable with your clothes when you’re getting body care

I can concentrate on it without worrying about it.

I felt really comfortable the whole time I was wearing it

The material was nice because it was thick and cozy.

He was the first to move to the foot spa place.

When you take a foot bath, you release the powder first

I was able to choose from three kinds.

Lilac, Jasmine, rose, and so on

It’s also good for your skin condition

I also chose it pleasantly.

You put the product in the water, and the color is so pretty

It was a great healing to have a nice scent.

Thanks to the fragrant scent of flowers

I felt my stress relieving.

I soaked my feet in hot water and rested

It’s getting warmer all over the body soon.

And the fatigue that we’ve accumulated all over the place

I even felt like it was melting.

He also prepared a tea with a nice scent.

You can have a hot tea with it while taking a foot bath

I felt like I was in a good mood.

For a moment, I forgot about my complicated daily life

It was a precious time to focus only on rest.

You’re using foot spas with great satisfaction

He guided me to a room for full-body care.

There were several beds

It’s a spacious and simple space

It was very pleasant from the first impression.

The bed condition is much better than I expected

It was comfortable because the whole body was cozy even though I was lying down for a long time.

A towel or pillow that touches your face

It smells good, and it feels nice and clean

I was able to get the Dongtan massage more refreshingly.

The management was perfectly satisfactory.

He’s not a foreign manager. He’s Korean

The director gives you the Dongtan massage himself

The communication was smooth and the management was excellent.

Catch the knotted parts and let them go

You extended the places that I don’t usually use.

When I came out after receiving it, my body felt light.

There is a light curtain near the door

I like it because it’s cool and not stuffy.

You’ve adjusted the lighting to the point where it’s a little dark

Thanks to you, my eyes were so comfortable when I was lying down

I felt much more cozy and comfortable.

I could also see the dome equipment for body care.

It’s a very popular item these days

We’ve found it on SNSs and so on

It was amazing and curious to see it in real life.

We issue parking tickets to customers who use it.

There’s no place to park, so there’s no problem

I was thinking of visiting by car next time.

You’re very good at warming yourself up

I felt refreshed for a few days after I received it.

It’s convenient to use here, and the 스웨디시 price and performance cost are good

It was a place I wanted to visit again next time.

Clean facilities and the director’s reliable body care

It was a very satisfying Dongtan massage.

We can use high-quality facilities and services

It was skincare foot and foot that I wanted to find again.

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