Please keep an eye on the number of hacked text messages

Under various circumstances, such as the fact that the cell phone has broken and left it to a repair shop, more and more people have received text messages such as requesting card numbers and CVC numbers through KakaoTalk or SMS.

In addition, a number of people are receiving text messages such as asking for a copy of their resident registration card, such as asking them to make small payments online because they don’t have money. These letters are the smishing letters of children or acquaintances that are on the rise these days.

In response, the representative of Haha Land said, “Those who have received the message should call the person in person to check if you have sent such a message and prevent it,” adding, “In fact, due to the increasing number of such cases, it is better to inform your family or acquaintances in advance.”.

As the damage of COVIDOVID-19 increases, more and more people are sending text messages to their families or acquaintances through text messages or messengers to prevent the spread of the disease.

Attackers who send smishing text messages at this time are also seeing a growing number of new methods of finding out and impersonating family members or disguising them for the purpose of saying hello and sending links with malicious programs to steal financial information.

What happens when you click on URL is more diverse than you think. Malicious apps may be installed without your knowledge, 비대면폰테크 and apps that can remotely control your phone may be installed. Or, as soon as you connect to the URL, malicious code can be installed on your mobile phone, resulting in small payments.

To prepare for this, it is recommended to install vaccines on mobile phones or PCs and update them periodically. You can also install anti-smishing apps provided by mobile carriers or security companies. It is also a good option to enhance mobile phone security settings and restrict the installation of apps that do not know where they come from.

“It is better to be wary of unverified Internet addresses (URL), not to click on URLs with unclear sources or download files, and strengthening mobile security is also essential,” the text representative said. “The number of text messages with links disguised as courier delivery or smishing text messages using various methods that require payment under the guise of a family or acquaintance will increase in the future.”

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