It was a place that made me want to visit again next time.

Hello! There are only two days left until 2020! How did you spend this year? It was a hard year for me, with many good things and many bad things. Maybe because of that, there were a lot of memorable things. While I was thinking about how to spend it because I wanted to give myself a break, I decided to go to Pyeongtaek Aroma Massage, which is famous for massage!

The ‘Healing Swedish’ I visited is located near the intersection of Buyoung Apartment in Pyeongtaek. I went there on foot because it was near my house. If you bring your car, parking is free, so you will be able to visit comfortably! It’s open from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m., and it’s open 365 days, so you can visit whenever you want a massage!

The interior of the aroma massage shop was modern. The modern sense of interior was well decorated as if you were visiting IKEA. I’m so confused whether I’m here for a massage or a cafe! The deer statue keeps going blind, and I think it’s really cool!

They gave me a cup of tea, but it was warm green tea. I felt like my body was calming down because I felt comfortable with a glass of massage. I think green tea is good to enjoy whenever you drink it. I had a cup of tea and explained the program at the aroma massage shop.

There was an official of Pyeongtaek Aroma Massage Shop called Arodisi. It’s called a mixed massage of aroma and Swedish. I was curious because they said it was a new massage with only the good 평택 건마 points. It’s called Swedish and forehand management. It’s an administration where two people massage at the same time. Even if you get a massage at the same time, it’ll be twice as cool, so it’s refreshing and curious.

I chose the ARODI C course. 100,000 won for two hours? I liked the price because it was reasonable. It was my first time running such a new massage program in Pyeongtaek, so I was very excited!

The aroma massage shop was supposed to get a massage for what I wanted. He kindly explained the different effects of different types of oil. I picked Lily’s oil, but I think it’s because it’s natural.

I moved to the changing room to change into a maintenance suit, and the Pyeongtaek massage shop had a bigger locker than other shops, so it was good to store bulky luggage such as padding, thick cords, and large bags. There was a maintenance suit inside the locker, but it was so light that it was comfortable as if I didn’t wear it. The material was so soft that it felt so smooth.

When I changed into a gown, I felt much lighter. I’m here for a foot bath in light clothes. The wooden foot bath reminds me of the hinoki. So I felt like I was getting a foot bath in nature. I felt like I was in Japan! Pyeongtaek Aroma massage manager first washed his feet clean and then released the foot bath in the right temperature of water.

The color of the rose color with the foot bath is really good. It has a gentle scent, so it was the perfect environment for relaxation. I soaked my feet in warm water at the Pyeongtaek shop and felt the tension and stress I had accumulated so far fly away. I feel like I’m getting tired, but if there’s a heaven, I think this is it. Aroma massage shop gave me plenty of foot bathing time, so I could enjoy foot baths with ease.

I was guided to the room to get a foot bath and a massage. The pillow was covered with a disposable cover, so I was able to get a massage comfortably. These days, when Corona is a horse race, I can’t help but be sensitive to cleanliness, but I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to worry about it at Pyeongtaek Aroma Massage Shop!

I lied down on the bed and it was the perfect temperature to keep my body warm. Maybe it’s because of the electric pad, but it feels like my body is getting warm. I was really looking forward to the massage at the Pyeongtaek Swedish Massage Shop.

She took care of it in earnest. The Korean massage manager in Pyeongtaek applied the oil smoothly, and the aroma oil scent spread softly, making me feel relaxed.

I felt that he had experience because he recognized where I’m clumped and focused on releasing the clump. Aroma massage manager loosens her hands and elbows and uses her body freely, so it was much cooler than other places.

I was nervous without realizing it, but after a foot bath and a massage, I felt relaxed and sleepy. I had a lot of insomnia, so I couldn’t sleep without medicine, but I fell asleep without realizing it. It’s been a while since I slept alone. After the Pyeongtaek Aroma massage, I felt much lighter because I felt like the rock on my shoulder had disappeared!

The shower room was very clean. There was no water stain or mold on the floor. I think Pyeongtaek Massage Shop is a shop that pays a lot of attention to cleanliness. All the shower products were prepared, so I was able to take a refreshing shower.

There were a variety of skincare products and disposable products, including dryers, skin lotion, hair combs, cotton swabs, etc., and all the products you need to get a massage are ready, so it’s a aroma massage shop that’s good to visit anytime.

The Aroma massage shop towels were also washed well and arranged neatly!

After a lucky shower, my skin felt lighter than when I came in. I know why Pyeongtaek Aroma Massage Shop is famous. Lastly, I thought I had a proper healing time when I was given a cup of tea to my stomach. It was a place that made me want to visit again next time.

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