The damage caused by phishing scams has been increasing recently

With collateral and no credit qualifications that lack balance loans for apartments
Promoting the scale of apartment loans and revising the alternative plan for loaning apartment sales rights

There are a lot of people struggling to have a home

The lack of housing in 소액결제현금화 the country by providing public housing, etc

There are many alternatives to solve this problem

When the country was in chaos, the economy was in crisis

I have a lot of concerns, but this situation has been dealt with quickly

I wish I could go back to when I was stable

The country’s unstable economy is continuing

The closed situation lasts longer so the economy will get better

There’s no sign of it, and a number of places are closing down

At this point, if you have the right to sell an apartment, you can get the rest of the money

Of course I have to pay, but I can’t believe I have that much money at this point

It’s difficult, so we need to find an alternative

What many people decide is how to use the extra money

I do There are various alternatives that suit you

If you identify your qualifications and proceed with it, you can lend the amount you want without any additional burden

I think I can

But after the country’s laws were revised, there was no regulation in the region

It may vary depending on where you are, whether you own multiple houses, etc

I do And if the construction wasn’t completed at the time of entry, it could be used as collateral

Multiple qualifications can be added to write. Finally

When you buy an apartment, you have to change ownership at the end of the payment period

It’s taking quite a long time to get in the way That’s why

If you’re considering a loan for the balance of the apartment, you should use it as an agreement

There’s no other problem

It’s just recognizing that it’s hard to push ahead with it at a higher price than before

I have to be here If 70% of LTV is not enough because it is the upper limit

Dealing with what needs to be added as a money-lending product, such as a company that runs the insurance business or a MI or an independent apartment loan

There’s something going on

The price of an apartment varies depending on where you live, and sometimes it is more than 100 million won

They need a corresponding amount of money First, transfer the money and then pay the rest

After paying 60% of the value in the name of the contract, you have to pay the rest of the money and the balance

I can

At that time, 30 percent of the sales amount is universal

That’s why if you don’t have a house or have only one household, you don’t have a house

If you don’t have the right to sell, you should push ahead with it according to your condition

If you own a house, you have to sort out what you have and pay the rest

It could reduce the burden And more than two

If there’s one, it’s not a regulated area like the metropolitan area

It can be hard to find something

However, considering what I mentioned above, it is hard to get paid

Nothing will work

The balance of the apartment building is the same as your credit or debt, the area, collateral, and the form you have

It can change depending on a lot of things

If the registration is in your name, even if it isn’t in your name, you can use the second priority product

You don’t have to give up on it, or you don’t have to use it

If you have any questions, discuss with the person in the field and find a suitable alternative

I’ll be able to get the money I want

The owner of the apartment has secured the balance of the apartment

We can do something more helpful if we push ahead with it, so if we do business, we can discuss it

Try it and hear the details

As I mentioned earlier

The individual product changes depending on conditions or in proportion to the amount it promotes

There are a lot of points, so you should discuss them first and go over the details

I’ll give you some advice

The damage caused by phishing scams has been increasing recently

You must not open an address you don’t know

They’re trying to trick you into leaking information by impersonating you

If it’s strange, please let the police know

It’s getting hotter

You can see that the economy of the country is moving steadily

I hope I can pull myself together and get everyone back on their feet

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