There were so many people because it was a weekday morning event!

I couldn’t turn my head to the right side of the shell story last week
There was a wall.
Why can’t I even turn my head around like this?!
On a day like this, Pangyo Massage, where I can relax my 출장안마 muscles in the hands of an expert without thinking!

It is located in the luxurious Krafton Tower connected to the Pangyo branch of Hyundai Department Store
Pangyo massage the foot shop Pangyo Crafton branch

This place where I visit for lunch time and after work for Pangyo workers nearby.
It operates with The Foot Shop Bundang Pangyo branch
Pangyo Massage has the advantage of being able to be managed at a comfortable store among the two stores after paying for the membership.

The skill of a manager who has more than 10 years of experience.
It’s 100% handmade, not even a tool, and it refreshes my muscles.
I got dry rear management.
If you think you’re a bit strong during the treatment, ask her to adjust it to my taste
It was good because it was customizable.

Enter safely after QR code and thermal check.

I used my own car.
It’s right in front of Exit 2 of Pangyo Station
It was also very accessible by public transportation.
Most of all, you can enjoy shopping and meals at the Pangyo branch of Hyundai Department Store after getting full body care
It was very good in terms of location.

I use the underground parking lot when I park the Krafton Tower.
If you come to The Foot Shop Pangyo Crafton branch, you can park up to the officetel line where you can’t park,
It was convenient because I didn’t have to park only near the mall.

The Footshop Pangyo Crafton branch
The third floor of Krafton Tower, Bundangnaegok-ro 117, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
Call: 031-622-7527

Enough disposable hand sanitizer~
The atmosphere of the shop is clean, clean and clean
And I could feel that they were very concerned about quarantine and hygiene.

I already made a reservation on Naver
After verifying my identity, I could start with a foot bath where I put my feet in warm water.
Please so that I can turn my head to the right especially with my tight back muscles today~

Not only does it prevent the entire salon
Before and after I went into care
He was completely disinfecting.
Wearing a mask is essential for both the manager who boasts more than 10 years of experience during the treatment!

Open throughout the year
Pangyo massage opens at 10 am every day
It’s a weekday, so I thought I’d be the only one
I was surprised because there were a lot of people being managed in each space.

Put your shoes in the shoe rack and go to the women’s dressing room and change into comfortable clothes.
I was guided to this place again.

Foot bath time.
It’s not included in the care time during foot bath
It was good that I could heal my tired feet by soaking my feet in warm water.

Ginseng, pine, rose, herb, bokbunja, lavender, not plain water
You can choose the footbath powder you want and tell the manager.

I can’t believe you’re taking a foot bath in hot water,
I’m already feeling better.
In my case, I visited right before the reservation time and had a foot bath within 10 minutes.

If you come a little earlier than the reservation time, you can enjoy the foot bath more!

Unlike other shops, Pangyo massage is popular among men.
It’s famous for relieving the fatigue of office workers nearby
Male and female managers reside there.

There is also a shower room in the women’s dressing room for a refreshing shower.
It doesn’t matter to me because I’m dry, but I can get oil type care
If you want to get care in a fuzzy condition in hot summer
I think The Foot Shop Pangyo Crafton, where you can take a refreshing shower, would be great.

Changing into a comfortable outfit of the foot shop Pangyo Crafton for rear care
The phrase I read too!!
Let your arms down in the most comfortable position in Korea and breathe deeply
Especially using breathing and breathing without putting pressure on the neck!!
I told you in advance to make it the weakest like a newborn baby.

If you’re a woman doing magic today or tomorrow
There are a lot of people who start magic after getting treatment.

How many people have been treated and the magic that burst and soft started refreshingly…
There are always women’s supplies at the counter,
Don’t panic and tell the counter and they will give you women’s supplies.

I’m too skinny.
I’m too fat.
You don’t have to worry about that at all.
There are plenty of gowns for each size that you can get more comfortably than ever during the care, so I chose them comfortably.
I felt relieved because it smelled sterilized through the dryer after washing it.

In a friendly room
Couples, parents, and friends visit a lot.

Subtle lighting
And it’s Pangyo massage where the melody of nature comes out quietly.
I received it from Mr. Yang here.

Foot care that takes care of feet professionally.
It is divided into body care that stimulates tight muscles to relieve fatigue.

I got dry rear body care.
For 60 minutes, I got an equal concentration + lower body + leg.
Tell me how I feel before I get treated
I asked to be gentle like a newborn baby.

And I can’t turn my right head sideways, which is the most problematic
I also told you that my muscles are very tight.

One minute and one second for 60 minutes
Mr. Yang who did his best to loosen his muscles.
It’s 33,000 won
It was the best quality that I felt sorry for.

Seongnam Love Gift Certificate, a local gift certificate, is a Pangyo massage that can be used for both mobile and tributary.

The Footshop Pangyo Crafton branch
The Footshop Bundang Pangyo station branch

Both of them were operated together, so there was no burden in purchasing a flat-rate membership or reserve.
You can choose the location close to me to get it.

The quality is the best, but I was surprised at the price range.
You feel guilty after you get this amount of money.
My stiff neck and shoulder muscles.
I thought the calf egg was loose and flying.

There were so many people because it was a weekday morning event!
Enter from 10am to 2pm
If you manage a fixed-rate membership for more than an hour, you can get a 10% discount.

These are the two most popular discount events of the month.
Dry 80 minutes + dry 20 minutes FREE service
Aroma 80 minutes same dry 20 minutes FREE service.

The discount events are changing every month,
Ask Pangyo Massage The Foot Shop Pangyo Crafton branch for this.
The date I received is May.

Ninety-nine thousand won definitely has merit!

We’ve been selling the product after the treatment, so we looked around.

After finishing the care, I washed my hands with a clean guide and came down to the parking lot.
It’s right in front of the elevator on the third floor
It was easy to find and comfortable to go down to the parking lot or the first floor.

It was good that you put a lot of parking time in the FREE when you tell the number of the car at the counter.

It was a Pangyo massage that I want to get with my husband when I come to Pangyo branch of Hyundai Department Store on the coming weekend.

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